Zalestrim Consumer Review

By | April 24, 2012

Zalestrim is specifically designed for women and its a good thing because among the claims as a multi-facetted/multipurpose slimming tablet, it also claims to increase a woman’s libido! Gosh, the men are really losing out on this one! Oh, I spoke too soon, as it also claims to increase the breast size of women. Wow, that’s quite the combination drug!

Zalestrim claims its 3-in-1 slimming tablet to be an appetite suppressant, libido enhancer, and breast enlarger. Okay, let’s break these three down.

Appetite Suppressant
It is clear and we understand that claim. So many weight control slimming tablets claim to decrease our urges to overeat so we can understand that one.
Increased Libido?
Next, let’s look at the claim of the increased libido. They say it is because of the increased energy. Okay, I get that too – more energy equals more energy to expel. It also has Damiana leaf in the list of ingredients which is known to increase the libidos of both men and women. Bottom line on this one, if we are feeling good about ourselves and losing weight then energy comes naturally and we have more desire to participate in intimate relations.

Increase Breast Size?
So I buy the first two with a bit of speculation but increased breast size?! Now I have to wrap my head around that because typically the first thing to disappear for most of us when we drop a few pounds is our breasts!

After researching I couldn’t find any evidence that told me “why” breast size would increase. Some feedback claimed that perhaps it’s in the herb mixture … perhaps an estrogen dosage. The only conclusive idea I was able to come up with was that while slimming down our breasts appeared larger?

Would we recommend Zalestrim
In any event, who knows what the truth really is on how Zalestrim multipurpose slimming tablets work or don’t work. They are under investigation owing to claims on the products they put out.

Last heard on the official website Zalestrim states it is no longer available. So that’s that!
Truth be told many manufactures are under investigation and should be for all the multipurpose side-show, miracle claims out there. Do your own investigation when looking for the right slimming tablet to fit your lifestyle.

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