The 72 Hour Diet Pill – UK review

By | April 22, 2012

They promise weight loss in under three days. It seems a hefty claim, but considering any reduction would be considered weight loss ,it isn’t hard to live up to. A half pound loss would qualify as a reduction in three days.

The flaw with rapid loss slimming tablets is that most result in the consumer gaining the weight back. When you take that into consideration, is losing a couple of pounds quickly going to benefit?
Knowing that you will put the weight right back on makes most of these pulls a temporary fix at best.

The marketing for the 72 Hour Diet Pill hypes it as a miracle cure.
This is along the same lines as the hype for Lipvox and Orovo. The result is a suffering of the slimming tablet industry as a whole.
While some are all marketing, other slimming tablets have a strong history and customer success rate.

What Ingredients Does The 72 Hour Diet Pill Contain:
The 72 Hour Diet Pill Formula is comprised of ingredients such as ginger root, caffeine, juniper berries, Uva Ursi, and more. These ingredients are a perfect combination to enhance the consumer’s metabolism rate while managing to remove the toxins and control fluid intake. This is how the weight is lost at such a quick rate.

Exercise can give the same quick weight loss as these slimming tablets. Since it isn’t recommended for continued use, you will not lose large amounts of weight. You will notice a quick weight loss and then nothing. Once you stop the pills, the weight will generally come back.

Side Effects of 72 Hour Diet Pill:
If you follow the dosage given, there are no side effects.

72 Hour Diet Pill Review Summary:
This is a great pill for those who supply the 72 Hour Diet Pill. Their sales are most likely phenomenal. For the average person who wants to lose weight, this isn’t the right choice. The fact is that this is simply a temporary solution to the problem. It may help you lose a couple of pounds to fit into that dress for an event, but it will not be long lasting.
There is minimal benefit to losing a few pounds if you will most likely just gain it right back.

Other Slimming Pills to Consider:
Proactol – Clinically proven, Proactol is a fat binder that keeps the fat from being digested and helps to control body fat and mass. It also contains a mild appetite suppressant that helps control feelings of hunger.

Alli – Alli is an FDA approved slimming tablet that is available without a prescription. If you can live with its one embarrassing side effect, it may be the choice for you.