Slimming Patches with Hoodia

By | August 11, 2010

Slimming patches with Hoodia are a convenient alternative to traditional slimming tablets. The patches contain the same ingredients as the Hoodia pills of the same name, but in a different form. Rather than being ingested orally, the appetite suppressing ingredients contained in each patch enter the system through the skin. A fancy term for this is the transdermal delivery system.

The slimming patches have the appearance of small, flat squares that adhere to the skin. They are easily worn under clothing and are unlikely to be noticed by anyone. It has been suggested that diet patches are superior to diet pills in that the ingredients are delivered more directly into your system. However, the effects felt from a patch vs. a tablet are virtually indistinguishable.

Some consumers prefer to take their diet supplements in a patch form because they like the convenience of having one less pill to take or remember. Others prefer it because they dislike or have difficulty swallowing slimming tablets. It is a matter of personal preference.

Slimming patches containing Hoodia are among the best slimming patches currently available for purchase. Hoodia Patches from the makers of Pure Hoodia are as safe and effective as the slimming tablets of the same name. The active ingredient is raw Hoodia Gordonii powder, which effectively suppresses appetite and reduces cravings for high calorie foods. The use of Hoodia patches can help you significantly decrease your daily caloric intake, and thus lose weight safely and naturally.

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Slimming patches with Hoodia are available for purchase through the official UniqueHoodia website.