Pure Hoodia – Appetite Suppressant

By | August 12, 2010

Pure Hoodia slimming tablets contain a highly potent herbal appetite suppressant available to consumers without a prescription. Pure Hoodia is a brand that stands out among the many products with “Hoodia” on the label. The Hoodia hype sparked by media coverage and celebrity endorsements generated the introduction of numerous diet pills claiming to offer the remarkable weight loss benefits of the Hoodia plant.

Sadly, the vast majority of diet products with “Hoodia” in the ingredient list use inexpensive and inferior or synthetically made extracts which are completely ineffective for the purpose of weight reduction. Only products made with genuine raw powder from the Hoodia Gordonii plant of South Africa are actually potent appetite suppressants. Don’t be fooled by hype. Be sure that the Hoodia product you purchase is certified for authenticity.

What Is Hoodia and How Does it Help You Lose Weight?
Genuine Hoodia is extracted only from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. Other varieties of Hoodia exist, but they do not possess appetite suppressant properties.

Photo of a Hoodia Gordonii plant

Dieters may be familiar with the history of the use of Hoodia to suppress appetite. The San Tribesman of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa have long used Hoodia Gordonii to survive and suppress appetite during times when food was scarce. Consuming this plant allowed the tribesmen to hunt for days without food.

Not all extracts of the famous Hoodia plant have an effect on appetite. In fact, only one of the extracts, the molecule p57, actively suppresses appetite and supports weight loss. Other extracts of the plant are harmless, but ineffective.

The process of harvesting the Hoodia plant and extracting the p57 molecule is lengthy and costly, partly due to the fact the plant has become endangered and now must be harvested in accordance with strict guidelines.

Hoodia by Any Name is Not the Same
A wide variety of slimming pills and weight loss products tout the benefits of the Hoodia contained in their formulas. Unfortunately, in some of these products the “Hoodia” listed is only one of many weight loss ingredients and is present in very small amounts. In other diet products, the Hoodia used is made from some extract other than p57 or is an extract of a different type of Hoodia plant. Diet pill manufacturers have contrived no end of deceitful methods to hold down costs while fooling the consumer into believing they have purchased something containing a powerful appetite suppressing ingredient.

Pure Hoodia, by contrast, contains only pure extracts of the Hoodia Gordonii plant containing the p57 molecule. This product carries a CITES Certificate of authenticity as proof that the Hoodia in the formula is genuine. Raw Hoodia powder is the sole weight loss ingredient in Pure Hoodia slimming tablets. The manufacturer, Pure Slim, is a reputable company that was the first to import Hoodia from South Africa for use in a diet pill.

Potential Side Effects
Pure Hoodia is not known to cause any harmful side effects. In some studies Hoodia has been associated with a mildly elevated mood.

Pure Hoodia contains the most powerful appetite suppressant available without a prescription. This claim is backed by years of clinical studies and positive consumer feedback.

Pure Hoodia is highly recommended as a potent appetite suppressant with no risk of negative side effects. The company is well established and reliable and consumers are satisfied.


Pure Hoodia slimming pills are available for purchase from the official Pure Hoodia Website.