Proactol vs Lipobind

By | August 7, 2010

Since its introduction to the diet pill market several years ago, Proactol has become one of the most popular fat binders sold in the U.S., UK and Europe.

Proactol rivals Lipobind in terms of results and pricing. Lipobind is the top selling fat binder in the UK, with some help from enthusiastic celebrity endorsers, TV announcer Katy Hill and actress Lucy Benjamin. By contrast, Proactol has won some awards in the weight loss industry including Best Fat Binder. Proactol has been prominently featured in the media and is credited with the weight loss success of many satisfied customers. Both Proactol and Lipobind are gaining reputations as the most widely discussed diet pills in the industry across the globe.

Proactol and Lipobind are fat binding slimming tablets with remarkably similar ingredients and claims of success.

The chart below compares Lipobind and Proactol head to head, to reveal the true similarities and differences.


Available for purchase in stores and online. In the UK, it is sold at Boots, Holland & Barrett, & others.

This shows a history of consumer awareness and continued satisfaction with the product.

Success Stories
TV personality Katy Hill has openly endorsed Lipobind slimming pills.

Katy Hill claims she lost 4 stone (56 lbs.) using Lipobind.

Lucy Benjamin of “Eastenders” fame credits Lipobind with her success in weight loss.

Lipobind has earned the CE Mark of Approval as a slimming aid and has been categorized as a Medical Device Type 1.

Lipobind has a money back guarantee for 28 days.

Lipobind£17.39 at


Available for purchase online through the official website.

Proactol has gained consumer interest and confidence every year since its introduction.

Success Stories
The nutritional advisor of Celebrity Fit Clubs endorses the use of Proactol.

In 2008, Proactol was listed among the “Top 5 Ways To Lose” by the Daily Telegraph.

In the Daily Press, Laura Price reported losing 6 dress sizes as a result of using Proactol.

Proactol, a Medical Device Type 1, has earned the CE Mark of Approval, and approval from the ERSP and MHRA.

Proactol’s guarantee period is the longest in the industry.

The Best Fat Binder In 2012!
Proactol: 1 Month Supply for £50.37 at

Lipobind vs Proactol Pricing
In terms of pricing, Lipobind is more cost effective when purchasing smaller quantities and Proactol is much more cost effective when purchasing in larger quantities. The companies that produce each of these slimming tablets frequently offer discounts and promotions on their products. sells a package with 360 Proactol tablets (3 Months Supply) + Bonuses for £114.00. (One of the bonuses is a box of Pure Acai Berry.)

Remarkable Similarities
Both Lipobind and Proactol state that their ingredients are 100% natural and derived from a cactus plant.

Both claim to help you lose weight through the fat binding process. Apparently, the ingredients in both diet pills “bind” themselves to dietary fat in the stomach, thus rendering the fat unable to be absorbed by the small intestine. The fat passes harmlessly through the body, never having entered the system. Lipobind and Proactol both claim that their products can absorb up to 27 or 28 % of the fat ingested with food.

The active ingredient in both products is also a natural source of fiber, which gently suppresses the appetite by making you feel full. In addition, this ingredient also helps regulate blood sugar levels, reducing cravings for high calorie foods.

Positive consumer testimonials abound for both Lipobind and Proactol slimming tablets. Enthusiastic consumers in both camps claim that the products have helped curb their appetites and supported a steady weight loss to help them achieve their goals. Decide for yourself which is the best.