Prescription and non-prescription slimming tablets

Consumers in the market for slimming tablets certainly have their hands full when making a decision. The industry has become synonymous with marketing ploys and hype meant to sell products and making a decision difficult at best.

Marketers and advertisers are cashing in on the weight loss phenomenon crossing the world.
Everyone wants to lose weight and everyone needs some help. So it’s no surprise that these pills promising magical results have become a multi million dollar business.

While consumers are being guaranteed weight loss with each pill to be introduced, it seems companies are vying more for profit and less for substance when it comes to their products.

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Over The Counter Slimming Tablets
In the end only the consumers are suffering. They have noticed the frenzy and hyperbole that has become a part of these revolutionary weight loss products. With health and well-being in mind, customers are acting in a way to control their weight. Slimming tablets are the easy cure.

With active lives that leave little time or energy for dieting and exercise, it seems that merely taking a slimming tablet or two daily is perfect.

It may be the lazy way to lose weight, but it is definitely the ideal way. But has the consumer put a bit too much trust into the hype being spilled out about these miraculous pills?

Slimming Pills with Medical Proof
It might surprise one to find out that a vast bulk of slimming tablets accessible to the masses actually have no medical foundation of proof that they work. Many haven’t even been subject to clinical trials before being released to the public. As a matter of fact, it’s quite disturbing how very few have been certified as safe or efficient by anyone.

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For those who are obese enough to have a high BMI (Body Mass Index), a medical health practitioner may prescribe Xenical. This is a prescription strength slimming pill with the active ingredient Orlistat.

Prescription Only Slimming Pills
If a person is simply unhappy with how they look and want to look better, chances are they will not be a candidate for Xenical. It is intended for treatment of the most serious cases and not for vanity and cosmetic reasons.

Where does that leave a person who isn’t dangerously overweight? If a person isn’t obese but
does want to drop a few pounds they don’t qualify for prescription strength treatment. What do
those people do?

It leaves consumers with no choice but the over the counter market pills, which in turn causes the rational thought of who can you trust?

Manufacturers want the most money possible from their products. So they will make sure that as many retailers as possible carry their brand. If a pill is on every shelf of every type of store out there, it’s a good sign that the company is more concerned with the bottom line than their customer’s weight loss.

Three slimming pills that are either prescribed by a doctor or available direct from the manufacturer are PrimeShred which is a non-prescription tablet, Hoodia (It may be a bit hard to find these days) and the prescription tablet called Xenical.