The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Slimming Tablets

With a name so long, this slimming tablet is sure to be recognized easily. Cabbage soup is not new to weight loss. Its slimming benefits have been common knowledge for some time now. No one is certain who to credit with the discovery of the weight loss benefits of such a delicious dietary supplement. This… Read More »

Zalestrim Consumer Review

Zalestrim is specifically designed for women and its a good thing because among the claims as a multi-facetted/multipurpose slimming tablet, it also claims to increase a woman’s libido! Gosh, the men are really losing out on this one! Oh, I spoke too soon, as it also claims to increase the breast size of women. Wow,… Read More »

The 72 Hour Diet Pill – UK review

They promise weight loss in under three days. It seems a hefty claim, but considering any reduction would be considered weight loss ,it isn’t hard to live up to. A half pound loss would qualify as a reduction in three days. The flaw with rapid loss slimming tablets is that most result in the consumer… Read More »