Nuphedrine Slimming Tablets

By | December 13, 2011

Nuphedrine Slimming TabletsNuphedrine Slimming Tablets
Nuphedrine is one of the newer slimming tablets on the market. It contains a potent combination of fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients. Advantra-Z is the patented name for synephrine, a natural stimulant in the same chemical family as Ephedra. Nuphedrine also contains two powerful appetite suppressants – Hoodia Gordonii and the patented Slimulama.

Active Ingredients
Advantra-Z is derived from Bitter Orange and is also known as Synephrine. It is a popular natural stimulant that has replaced Ephedra in many fat burning formulas. The company claims that their brand of Synephrine is the strongest available without a prescription. In addition, it is the only stimulant contained in the formula. Nuphedrine does not contain caffeine, Ephedra, or taurine. The product claims not to produce the negative side effects associated with other stimulants.

Hoodia – The Hoodia contained in Nuphedrine is certified to be genuine Hoodia from South Africa. This is important because many “Hoodia” products use extracts that are synthetic and ineffective. Genuine South African Hoodia is a very potent natural appetite suppressant.
Slimulama – This patented appetite suppressant works differently than Hoodia. While Hoodia can suppress appetite and reduce cravings all day, Slimulama makes you feel fuller sooner while you are eating. This ingredient is a powerful appetite suppressant that works well in combination with the Hoodia in the formula.

Potential Side Effects
Though the manufacturers claim that Nuphedrine does not cause negative side effects, they do not offer research results to support this claim. Consumers with sensitivities to stimulants would be wise to regard this product with caution. No clinical studies show that Synephrine is free of the side effects associated with other stimulants.
No known side effects are associated with either of the two appetite suppressant ingredients.

Consumer reviews indicate that Nuphedrine is an effective weight loss supplement. It contains clinically tested and certified authentic natural ingredients. While more information on the safety and effectiveness of Advantra-Z would be welcome, there is no denying the efficacy of the appetite suppressants.

Nuphedrine is recommended with caution. From consumer feedback, it would appear to be an effective weight loss tablet. However, the recommendation would be more enthusiastic if both the safety and efficacy of Advantra-Z could be verified. Caution is recommended for consumers with stimulant sensitivity.

Nuphedrine is available for purchase only on the official Nuphedrine website.

Alternatives to Nuphedrine
Consumers interested in combination fat burner/appetite suppressant supplements should learn more about Phen375. It is said to be a safe substitute for the prescription diet pill Phentermine. It is available for purchase without a prescription both in the U.S. and the UK.

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