Isotori Curvelle for Women Review

By | December 29, 2011

Isotori Curvelle for Women Review
Slimming tablets are marketed in different ways. For the latest pill from Isotori, Curvelle, is marketed as a pill for women. Just as any marketing would, this leaves questions in the mind of consumers. The most important being is there anything hormonal in this tablet?
It’s not unheard of for slimming tablets to gear their product to a specific sex. Zotrin came out with a brand for men and for women. It could just be a marketing ploy with nothing more behind it.
Isotori are the ones who are behind Lean System 7 (LS7) as well.

So What is Curvelle?
When it comes to the genre of Curvelle, it is a fat burner. Most fat burners tend to use the same key ingredients. Curvelle does have one unique component, however, in an ingredient Razberi-K that has very little known about it.

Does Curvelle Work?
It promises a lot. Marketers want consumers to believe that it will control those pesky sugar cravings which will in turn help appetite. It also is supposed to burn calories. Throw in the antioxidants that help with radiance and vitality and you’ve got a regular miracle pill.

Any Side Effects with Curvelle
There are no adverse side effects. There are no positive side effects. There are slim to no weight loss effects.

Is Curvelle for Women Recommended?
Of all the slimming tablets on the market, fat burners are the least effective. This proves no exception. As with many pills, it is mostly full of hype. A fat blocker or binder would be much more effective.
Not recommended – does tend to over hype. Fat burners are the least effective diet pill genre. Fat blockers and fat binders are far more effective.

Alternative Slimming Pills
Alli is an over the counter version of Xenical and you can get it without a prescription. It is a fat blocker.
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