Cravex Weight Loss Review

By | August 10, 2010

Most slimming tablets fall into one genre, but Cravex is a combination tablet. It is a fat burner and appetite suppressant in one pill. Marketing for the pill assures that its use offers clinically proven weight loss. Is that accurate?

There is minimal clinical proof on Cravex. What research there is was done on a single ingredient and not the entire pill. So the claims they want you to believe just can’t be backed up with factual data and the research is inconclusive.

When it comes to herbal appetite suppressants, Cravex is up against other varieties like Hoodia Gordonii.

What Are the Ingredients of Cravex?
Cravex boasts several main active ingredients. One such ingredient is calcium that is derived from the garcinia cambogia. It also contains the garcinia cambogia extract and chromium as chromium picolinate. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and green tea extract with 25% polyphenols help to make up the formula. Finally add in polyphenols and caffeine and you have the active ingredients in Cravex.

It does include some filler ingredients like galatin, silica, and magnesium strearate.

Does Cravex Suppress Appetite?
There isn’t an ingredient in the formula that has been proven by clinical data to suppress the appetite. Green tea has data compiled on its ability to burn fat, but not for appetite suppression.

What Are the Side Effects of Cravex?
There are no serious adverse reactions to the pill. However, using stimulants like caffeine often creates anxiety, unrest, and palpitations.

Does Cravex Work? Is It Recommended?
The company does not offer a money back guarantee. This could be a red flag. When looking at customer and consumer reviews, it doesn’t seem like a positive recommendation.

Other Slimming Pills to Consider

Pro Shape RX is gaining popularity among its customers.

Hoodia – if history is important, Hoodia is better. With a decade of history to back it up, Hoodia is still going strong.

Proactol is often approved by medical professionals to help prevent fat absorption in the body.