Chitosan Fat Blocker Slimming Tablets

By | August 6, 2010

Chitosan is not new or rare. It is very commonly used in slimming tablets that are available over the counter. The subject of this review is Chitosan and its benefits and not any of specific brand of tablet.

While not considered rare, Chitosan is unique. Unlike most, it doesn’t use herbal extracts as a main ingredient. Instead you find combinations of fish extracts. The formula uses various shellfish including crabs, shrimp, and small crustaceans. Regarded as a fat blocker, it is comprised of fiber.

How Does Chitosan Aid Weight Loss?
The claims are that Chitosan is similar to Xenical and Proactol in the way it works. Xenical is prescription only and Proactol is over the counter. Both are fat blockers and binders.

What it is supposed to do is block a portion of fat that is taken in when used daily. This way the body doesn’t absorb that fat. Since it is considered pre-emptive, it isn’t necessary to change a diet for it to work. Obviously the actual weight loss would be greater with an altered diet.

Is Chitosan Effective for Slimming?
The actual theory behind fat blockers and fat binders is a good one. However, this particular choice is not the best. This has only been tested on animals as of now. This means there is no clinical evidence that it works on humans or is safe to take.

Lack of evidence is not the exception in the slimming tablet market. The industry is in a hurry to market these pills to public and make them available. But, Chitosan is unlike other pills in that it uses the exoskeleton of shellfish. Most herbal pills recycle the same extracts as other pills. This use of shellfish may be innovative, but it also may be dangerous without clinical evidence.

Side Effects of Chitosan
Without data available there is no way to know the potential side effects.

Should I Buy Chitosan?
The recommendation for Chitosan is to wait. Let some medical, clinical, and scientific research appear first.

Alternative Slimming Pills
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