Capsiplex – Testimonials From Customers

By | August 19, 2010

Our assessment of the slimming tablet Capsiplex – otherwise known as the Chili Diet Pill, was given a less than stellar review. However, over the past several months, it has been brought to our attention through volumes of emails which convinced us to revisit the slimming tablet and perhaps consider making comments of a more optimistic nature.

The introduction of Capsiplex come across as more marketing hype for a slimming sensation with movie star celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and singer Britney Spears than a slimming tablet that’s worth trying. We were a bit skeptical and frankly who would blame us!

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Just before 2009 ended, newspapers articles were appearing in various chronicles such as the Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, and The Mirror plus articles in health, well being, and style magazines.

The media immediately went to work tagging Capsiplex with marketing catch phrases such as “At Your Desk Slimming Tablet” and the “Celebrity Slimming Tablet.” These buzz words and catch phrases were not necessarily the product of the Capsiplex marketing team but more likely of the media.

Capsiplex is Absolutely Worthy of Trying Out!
So you can see where our suspicions were being warranted. A slimming tablet product new to the market with little or no consumer feedback needs to be flagged and we were taking precautions.

With several months on the market as a nonprescription slimming tablet and consumer feedback, testimonials, and client service comments that were all positive, it has developed into a very consistent and reputable product.

If a slimming tablet is what you are in search of then Capsiplex must be considered a viable option.

Capsiplex can be purchased directly from the official Capsiplex website.