Appesat – Slimming Tablet Made From Seaweed

By | July 30, 2010

Fervent consumers everywhere have their choice from multitudes of slimming tablets available on the market. It seems new ones are added each day.

One such pill is Appesat. This is distinctive in that it is made of seaweed extracts. The pill is manufactured by Goldshield and is not classified as a new tablet. It was even available to buy directly from the company for months before it hit the market for purchase.

Now that over the counter retailers like Boots the Chemist, Holland and Barrett, and Tesco and Sainsburys carry Appesat, it is a goldmine in the making for anyone involved in its development and marketing.

Money making put to one side, consumers want to know if Appesat lives up the hype. Is it possible that a slimming tablet from seaweed will help with weight loss for struggling dieters?

How Does Appesat Work?
Bioginate Complex is seaweed that can be found on the French Atlantic coast. Appesat is a natural appetite suppressant made with Bioginate Complex.

Like most appetite suppressants, it creates fullness by expanding inside the stomach. It also creates a reaction in the brain leading the body to believe it is full.

But the experts do not believe the evidence support the claims. Judging the clinical trials experts have stated that the evidence is limited and poor.

Where to Buy Appesat
Appesat is available everywhere. You can purchase in the high street from the same health retailers that carry all slimming tablets. These include the aforementioned Boots, Holland and Barrett, and Tesco and Sainsburys. The manufacturer sells Appesat online for £17.49 for 50 capsules.

You can buy Appesat here.

Appesat or Hoodia?
Commercially the success of Appesat is a given. However whether or not the human tested results are encouraging is yet to be determined.

The clinical trials performed did not go long term to test out side effect potential of Appesat. Some users have complained of upset stomachs but it is not known if that is a normal side effect.

Nothing has topped the powerful appetite suppressant Hoodia when it comes to weight loss. Pure raw Hoodia Gordonni is natural and is the best slimming tablet available. A successful decade of use for weight loss combined with centuries of use by people make it the most effective choice.

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