Accuslim Slimming Tablets Review

For those who wish to try a fat burner, Accuslim may be on the list of possibilities. However it falls short of the expectations it provides. The claims for weight reduction results are exaggerated by marketing and manufacturers as is typical of the industry.

When it comes to slimming tablets, fat burners are not generally the most effective method to weight loss. And Accuslim doesn’t surpass this trend with its fair results for dieters.

On the official website, Accuslim is compared to Ephedra in effectiveness. Ephedra has now been banned from the market. Aligning your product with one such as Ephedra doesn’t illicit warm fuzzy feelings in the consumer.

How Does Accuslim Work?
Accuslim is known as a fat burner, but in reality it is more of an appetite suppressant. The manufacturer boasts such positives as reducing cravings for sugar, reducing appetite and decreasing storage of ugly body fat as reasons to choose it over the competition. Yet it doesn’t even compare to some of its competitors.
When it comes to suppressing the appetite, you will be hard pressed to find a more effect suppressant than Hoodia Gordonni. Pure Hoodia is particularly one of the best. Read about Pure Hoodia.

Side Effects Caused By Accuslim
Like most slimming tablets, Accuslim should not cause any serious side effects.

Is Accuslim Recommended
Accuslim lost all credibility when they chose to align with Ephedra.

Alternatives to Accuslim
Proactol – Absorb 27% of dietary fat with a clinically proven fat binder. The subject of 4 studies, Proactol is accredited as a medical device. Read our review of Proactol.

Unique Hoodia – Stick with the original Hoodia diet pill with a decade of history to prove its benefits. Unique Hoodia uses no additives and only pure Hoodia powders. Read our review of Unique Hoodia.