Accuslim Slimming Tablets Review

For those who wish to try a fat burner, Accuslim may be on the list of possibilities. However it falls short of the expectations it provides. The claims for weight reduction results are exaggerated by marketing and manufacturers as is typical of the industry. When it comes to slimming tablets, fat burners are not generally… Read More »

Bontril Weightloss Pills Review

Unlike many appetite suppressants available on the market, Bontril is a prescription only slimming tablet. It is in the same class and group as Phentermine. Carnick Labs, Inc. produces Bontril which has a brand name of Phendimetrazine. Generally appetite suppressing pills work in the same way. They will stimulate the nervous system in some way… Read More »

Proactol Review UK

The Best Appetite Suppressant In 2012! Proactol is a multi-vitamin supplement that helps people lose weight easily and to increase energy levels. The main advantage of this product is that 28% of the dietary fats can be eliminated without any heavy exercises or workouts. It is an effective and easy product to lose weight as… Read More »